...on life and other dreams...

maandag 22 december 1997

"Indian Mourning Song" - dec.1997

Little Sister "White Feather"
you went before
your children
and me.
Teardrops fell
from trees in the mist;
messengers from the sun
behind the clouds.
Is n't all one?
A track in white frozen snow
and silent crows in the treetops;
you went away; a way; your way.
Little Sister "White Feather"
we are the greateful,
for the messages you send us
from the heavens:
how to live,
how to die.
When the drums of our hearts
will stop beating,
one by one, one by one
we 'll be there, we 'll be there
carried by the winds.
Because all is one
All is one
The echoes still live;
your voice,
from mountaintop to mountaintop
from sun to sea.
We are grateful
for the messages
you send us from the heavens;
how to live
how to die.